10+ Web Design Agencies for Startups

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Decision to startup a website is either a New Venture/ Internet Business or online part of a already running physical business.

In both cases it is much more important to market the website well than it is to get one setup. Setting up the website is only 5% of the task and rest 95% task is to get activity, visitors and eventually clients to payoff your efforts.

90% of websites fail to generate revenues as expected because they are not backed by a proper business plan, research and marketing plan to let it kickoff.

If you have a great idea and are considering to start an online business, you need to have a plan budget for pre-launch and post-launch activities in addition to website development costs.

And if so why not chose a “Web Design Agency” who have experience working with startups who have gone the full circle – Right from developing a business plan, website/blog/forum making to search engine optimization,  press releases for new launch, Advertising, blogging, Social Media marketing etc.

Lets Agree  here that one web design agency may not be right for every business so it is a good idea to ask for similar projects the designer has worked upon and discuss with them in detail what parts they are going to do and for what parts you need to look outside. If so, are they in a situation to guide you in right direction as you promote your website business.

Find Below some rules that will prevent you from going wrong.

  • Look for teams of at least 4 or 5 people and interdisciplinary skills that is design, development and business
  • Check the portfolio – one particular type of work for one particular type of clients stands for specialization
  • Is the message in their blog, social media, website revolve around their work of supporting startups.


My Personal favorites if I am to Lauch a Web Business are:

Grey Fox Web Design

Grey For web design covers all aspects of branding and creative design as well as digital marketing & promotion and is suitable for small, medium & startup businesses.Portfolio

The Startup Guys

The Startup Guys can not only build attractive, affordable, results driven web site, with branding but also promise to increase your online sales, turn your website visitors into customers, communicate your online brand and connect you with your ideal customer. They specialize in magento based eCommerce websites. Portfolio

Digi Futura

Digi Futura is right for you if you have an idea or an existing app. DigiFutura team does epic ideastorming with your team on where to begin and how to get you there. Portfolio

Startup Works

Startup Works has a bunch of startups they have build in-house and have engineered Start-ups that have now moved from the startup corridor to being a full fledged business.

Also It would be a great idea to know what type of web projects are really taking off like at producthunt and similar sites as per your industry and try to have a minimum viable product (MVP) for testing the markets without over spending.

In addition to the list of designers I have put up, I am sure you will want to check out many more to get a customized solution depending on the special needs of your project and to fit in your budget. A Designer Friend of mine is busy setting up their website to help Startup Businesses achieve success. I would like to come back and see what they have in store that is simple to work with and yet can achieve success that means so much. http://www.buildsuccessfulwebsite.net/category/achieving-success/ 

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