15+ MySQL Database Abstractions and Helpers

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1. BigSQL – Mysql Big Dumper (Database Abstractions) 10.00

BigSQL - Mysql Big Dumper (Database Abstractions)

BigSQL – Mysql Big Dumper Is coded with PHP OOP techniques. Can import sql file of any size. SQL file by reading line by line is working. PSR is coded according to the standards.

You can import large files to SQL (100MB – 1GB – 10GB…). Script can continue from where it left off.


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2. Gravity Forms – MySQL Connect (Forms) 18.00

Gravity Forms - MySQL Connect (Forms)

Connect your Gravity Forms directly to a MySQL Database-Table or build a new one with the integrated ‘Table-Builder’ directly from your Form-Fields.


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3. ExcelPro Reader – MySQL 5.00

ExcelPro Reader - MySQL

With this tool, you will be able to analyze excel files to create Tables and add the rows into your MySQL Database with easy and simple functions. Also, you can make HTML tables from that file. There are 4 main areas: 1- Read the excel file and create a Query that makes a full instruction to pump all the data on your Excel File. 2- From the Readed excel file, you can create a downloable utf8 .sql file, ready for your MySQL database. 3- Create a HTML Table with the selected records with the same style and structure contained in the original file. 4- Create a super quick table from the readed file with a default style. (You can configure this in the style.css file)


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4. PHP MySQL Query Builder Library 9.00

PHP MySQL Query Builder Library

Burner CMS Burner CMS allows you to simply define data models and manage data right away. Get it now and save! Note: The Burner CMS API uses an improved version of this library. PHP MySQL Query Builder Library A PHP 5 library that allows you to easily create and run both simple and advanced MySQL queries in an object-oriented fashion, without using any SQL and without sacrificing functionality.


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5. PHP Class for MySQL Database Manipulation 6.00

PHP Class for MySQL Database Manipulation

DBConnection is a PHP class designed to facilitate the MySQL database management with an useful set of methods, that allows the programmer to manipulate the data with a simplified interface. This class offers to the programmer a full set of methods that allow to construct SQL queries of any complexity, using appropriate methods in each situation.


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6. sSql Mysql Database Abstraction 8.00

sSql Mysql Database Abstraction

Description sSql is an easy to use database abstraction class for mysql and php with some basic features. Its purpose is to make the database related work much easier. sSql features query stack, wich is used to delay the execution of queries and execute multiple queries. Also it includes query timing and query printing into a readable html table format for debugging purposes.


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7. MyJSON – Work with MySQL + JSON 8.00

MyJSON - Work with MySQL + JSON

MyJSON is a PHP5 Class, with it, you are now able to: Create JSON string from a MySQL Query Insert JSON content into a MySQL Table Create/Insert will work as export! So you is a new experience on backups: with JSON ! The JSON created can be indented or not, you choose Easy to get class-failure errors Examples of both functions are included


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8. MyXML – Work with MySQL+XML 8.00

MyXML - Work with MySQL+XML

With this PHP5 Class you are now able to: Create an XML file from MySQL Query Insert all XML Content into a MySQL table Create/Insert work as Export/Import! So you have php-friendly way to backup data of a table Create sitemap from a full MySQL table or just a query Easy way to get class-failure errors Easy way to display generated xml (with or without header) and save the data into .xml file


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9. EazSQL – PHP MySQL Helper 6.00

EazSQL - PHP MySQL Helper

This is a PHP5 Class-Helper that will allow you to make MySQL actions more easy, without too much lines. You will use like only 70% of classic code, and the syntax is more easy.


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10. PHP MySql Caching Class 5.00

PHP MySql Caching Class

MySQL caching class is a lightweight PHP 5 class that allows individual query file caching without the need of server extensions.


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11. MyOM – object to mysql database mapper classes 6.00

MyOM - object to mysql database mapper classes

MyOM is a distribution of 4 classes wich will help you to work with the database(MySQL) in terms of class instances instead of recordsets. It isolates database layer from the business logic. It will help you to store database queries in simple xml files and it isolates database api from your application code. You code will be more readable, more beautifull, object oriented, more easy to support. it is very easy to connect with the database, just simple setup in an ini file.

The tool’s code is readable and easy to modify and extend. This is a great tool if you want to work with the database tables and queries in terms of class instances. No limitations in comparison to the database api usage. You still have all the facilities but in more elegant and beautifull way. If some day you plan to migrate to another database it will be more easely.It is a simple ORM tool for php and mysql. You write queries in SQL not some special limitet language. it doesnt support relation between class instances like they are in the datbase. It is because i call it object mapping(mapper).


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12. Super MySQL Terminal 10.00

Super MySQL Terminal

Super MySQL Terminal is a php mysql shell emulator. You can work with your share-hosted remote mysql like your localhost.


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13. Advanced Mysql Exporter/Importer (Database Abstractions) 10.00

Advanced Mysql Exporter/Importer (Database Abstractions)


Advanced Mysql Exporter/Importer is a simple web application allow users to export or import any tables from or to CSV, Excel, PDF files.
No special installation needed, the admin Login/Password is stored in configuration file and protected with .htaccess file



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14. Simplified DB – PDO, Mysqli, Mysql Helper Class (Database Abstractions) 7.00

Simplified DB - PDO, Mysqli, Mysql Helper Class (Database Abstractions)

Simplified DB is a PHP database abstration class that helps developer perform MySQL operations easily using PDO, Mysqli and Mysql. Using Simplified DB, you can easily create and run both simple and advanced database driven application in PHP without having any knowledge of SQL.


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