20+ Counter and Count Down Scripts

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1. Count It Round – Standalone (Countdowns) 4.00

Count It Round - Standalone (Countdowns)

Count It Round is a standalone plugin that allows you easy and fast to create circular countdown timers for your website.


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2. Subscription Countdown (WordPress) 10.00

Subscription Countdown (WordPress)

Subscription Countdown is a perfect tool (WordPress plugin) to create metro-style opt-in forms to collect users’ names and e-mails. Each form has countdown timer which allows to build limited time campaigns and stimulate users to submit their details. All data stored in the database and can be sent to MailChimp automatically. As an administrator you can create unlimited number of campaigns and paint elements of opt-in forms.


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3. Cooloader (Countdowns) 5.00

Cooloader (Countdowns)

Very cool under construction jQuery plugin. Do you want a very good and stylish countdown? Here you have a solution.

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4. Animated Counter for WordPress (Miscellaneous) 9.00

Animated Counter for WordPress (Miscellaneous)

Simple, animated counter, which will allow You to present rapidly increased or decreased integer and decimal values, such as number of registered users, total income etc. But that’s not all… It can be also used as a countdown, to show time left for the beginning of a product release campaign or a sale start.


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5. Mail Chimp Traffic Pop for WordPress (Newsletters) 15.00

Mail Chimp Traffic Pop for WordPress (Newsletters)

Mail Chimp Traffic Pop for WordPress allows you to harness your sites traffic to generate thousands of new subscriptions with ease. Simply enter your API key and within seconds your up and running! With built in support for double opt-in Mail Chimp Traffic Pop for WordPress takes care of all the hard work for you! More subscribers = more traffic = more $$$$

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6. Extended Coming Soon Countdown (Countdowns) 6.00

Extended Coming Soon Countdown (Countdowns)

A simple, but complete and responsive, countdown system with progress bar based on admin input or elapsed time.
Also you can contact your subscribed users and, if your server supports the function, automaticly contact them when the site is ready.

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7. Deal Premium Opencart (OpenCart) 12.00

Deal Premium Opencart (OpenCart)

Display as slide or list
Custom Module Size
Custom limit text length
Custom Product Title size
5 Slide effects (fade, Scroll top/left/right/down)
Auto complete product
Countdown product
Unlimited Product Item
Buttons color style
Rid of product when product is out of stock or expiry date.

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8. Coming Soon App With Admin Panel (Countdowns) 12.00

Coming Soon App With Admin Panel (Countdowns)

“Coming Soon App” is a easy to install application that lets your visitors keep in touch with you. Comes with a very strong admin panel that lets you see the subscribers, add pages to your site with a simple CMS , change the language of the site and social network links.


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9. JBMarket Circular Countdown (Countdowns) 5.00

JBMarket Circular Countdown (Countdowns)

JBMarket Circular Countdown is a plugin counting the time left to the opening of your under construction website.

Comes with 5 ready to use pages and psd file.


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10. Dynamic Countdown with Counter (Countdowns) 4.00

Dynamic Countdown with Counter (Countdowns)

Customisable Countdown Counter You can generate a few different colours, fonts an font weight with out handy generator.


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11. Colorful Clock (Countdowns) 10.00

Colorful Clock (Countdowns)

Using this colorful clock you’ll be able to create clocks with different sizes. You can use vector or to upload image with your own design.
It’s easy to tune it. Clock Creator will help you to learn more about tuning of settings.


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12. Christmas Countdown Animated Counter & Snowfall (Countdowns) 4.00

Christmas Countdown Animated Counter & Snowfall (Countdowns)

This is using our original counter Concept (please see our portfolio) to have a christmas countdown for your website and applications.


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13. jCountdown Mega Package (Countdowns) 6.00

jCountdown Mega Package (Countdowns)

jCountdown is a highly customizable jQuery plugin, you can easily to use it on your site, you can try some different setting at preview page, and check all properties and methods at below

check the WordPress Plugin here jCountdown Mega Package for WordPress

Update Log


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14. Circular Countdown jQuery Plugin (Countdowns) 5.00

Circular Countdown jQuery Plugin (Countdowns)

With this element, you’ll be able to create simple, clean and original countdowns. This plugin mixes a jQuery countdown combined with canvas shapes easy to configure via a set of options.


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15. Difference – jQuery CountDown Plugin (Countdowns) 6.00

Difference - jQuery CountDown Plugin (Countdowns)

Difference is jQuery plugin like no other out there. Providing two themes and six color schemes for five different types of countdowns and hundreds or even thousands of possible combinations for customization.

Main features of plugin:


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16. Arto Underconstruction Template with Stylish Portfolio Price: $16


Arto Underconstruction Template with Stylish Portfolio

Arto– A perfect start up template for companies, individuals and professionals. This template was designed with Animated Portfolio, jQuery countdown timer and Social Icons


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