25+ Newsletter and Mailer Scripts

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1. NewsPlus WP NewsLetter Plugin 20.00

NewsPlus WP NewsLetter Plugin

NewsPlus WordPress NewsLetter Plugin is Great mail subscription and newsletter service, which always keeps your users informed about latest news and events. It is easy in use, nice looking in design and functional in work.

NewsPlus WP NewsLetter Plugin is very flexible and customizable. No matter what business you are dealing with you are able to adapt each mailing to the topic needed. We make it easy to keep track of your customers. Mail statistics always shows how many users are registered on your website, who of them are subscribed with newsletter, etc. It has never been so easy – using simple editor you can create very bright and informative posts.

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2. Maili 2 – Newsletter System 14.00

Maili 2 - Newsletter System

The second version of Maili, that is a newsletter system which allows you to manage a mailing list in a very simple way. You can add it to your website easily. It’s very simple to install it (it has an installer integrated). Finally it has the same GUI on every devices.


  • Integrated installer
  • Send, save, modify newsletters
  • Create, save & modify standard templates for your newsletters
  • Create and manage thematic groups
  • Statistic centre integrated: know more about your mailing list
  • Multilanguage system
  • Use your SMTP server to send newsletters
  • Customize your subscription form
  • Fantastic GUI on every devices
  • Automatic system integrated to know about Maili Updates
  • Well documented

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3. Smart Timer Newsletter 5.00

Smart Timer Newsletter

This system allows to send news with delay, in 2 steps only. When server detects a lot of same e-mails sent, spams are detected! Very easy to use. Only 1 file to import, create and send. Very easy to configure. Only 1 file to set from address and smtp authentication.

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4. WordPress Newsletter and Campaign 15.00

Wordpress Newsletter and Campaign

WordPress Newsletter and Campaign is an easy to use wordpress newsletter system . You can Create Campaigns , send newsletter in HTML format and Import/Export Subscribers. Subscribtion form has Security images (captcha) and Email confirmation to block spams.

This plugin can send emails to many subscribers. If you have limited emails per hour you can set it in Setting menu. You can see how many emails has been sent successfully or not. Also subscribers can share newsletters and campaigns by social plugins.

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5 AJAX EasyNewsletters 13.00

AJAX EasyNewsletters

EasyNewsletters is fast, simple and powerful Newsletters system written in PHP . It’s able to send email to thousands of your clients.

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6. UCM Plugin: Bulk Email Newsletter System 12.00

UCM Plugin: Bulk Email Newsletter System

This simple UCM plugin lets you send bulk emails to your existing customer base. It allows tracking of link open rates, bounced messages, unsubscribes and more. Comes with 5 easy to use newsletter templates. Design your own newsletter template to suit your company branding.
You can even place a subscription form on your website and the general public can subscribe to your newsletters.

  • Send emails to any group within your UCM system (eg: a group of customers, a group of members).
  • Public members can subscribe, unsubscribe and do double opt-in.
  • Edit templates to suit your needs, create your own templates.
  • Track clicks, open rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribes.
  • Perfect integration with UCM system. Manage all your customers, projects, invoices and email newsletters from a single location.

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7. Unlimited Newsletter 20.00

Unlimited Newsletter

UNLIMITED NEWSLETTER PLUGIN provides a number of convenient options for managing the newsletters. This plugin provides a very easy and nicely integrated with WordPress Backend Interface.

The Unlimited Newsletter plugin allows you to add a new newsletter by selecting the predefined templates also and you’ll have unlimited access for upcoming templates. All Templates can be automatically come to your dashboard every day. That’s a feature, make this Plugin unique among all others.

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8. Groups Newsletters 18.00

Groups Newsletters

Groups Newsletters helps you to communicate efficiently, providing targeted information to groups of recipients through automated campaigns.


Stories make up a newsletter or a newspaper. Groups Newsletters provides a unique and flexible way of composing newsletters based on one or more stories. Read more about the concepts used by this plugin in the Concepts section of the documentation.

Automated Campaigns

Unlike your average newsletter system, Groups Newsletters combines multiple stories in a newsletter and uses campaigns to send out one or more newsletters to their recipients. The recipients for each newsletter can be different user groups (when Groups is also used).

Targeted newsletters

Among the reasons to use Groups along with Groups Newsletters you may find:

  • You want to send specific newsletters to a subset of the site’s users. For example. if you have a Premium group to which users who have purchased premium access to the site belong and you want to send out a newsletter offering them a special discount.
  • You maintain groups for specific products or services and want to make their users aware of a new feature or bug fix without sending the same information to normal subscribers.
  • Communicating with departments in a company – send out specific news that is relevant for those working in one department.
  • CRM – target valuable information at customer groups.
  • Leagues & teams – send out information on events relevant to specific groups, for example by sport, by team, by association …
  • To quickly create a Story Editors group for users who should be allowed to handle newsletters.
  • Let customers subscribe to newsletters at checkout with the WooCommerce Groups Newsletters add-on.

For regular subscribers, you can work without Groups and take advantage of the powerful newsletter campaign management features provided

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9. Email Newsletter System – WordPress Plugin 20.00

Email Newsletter System - WordPress Plugin

A professional Newsletter system for you who don’t like to mess around with lots of confusing settings and have no time to learn new stuff! just install and send emails to your users.
So professional and simple at the same time.

  • Caring about server health, WordPress cron job has been used
  • WordPress widget
  • WordPress users of your site can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time from their own WP admin panel of your site
  • Users can register to a specific list of a newsletter
  • Auto campaign, wanna send a message to your users in different situations when a specific event happens? set some auto campaigns and send a newsletter to specific users for example when a new user registers or a new post has been published.
  • Manual campaign, Creat a campaign manually and send different news to different users
  • Two dead ready templates, so flexible and customizable, dark and light, templates are light without using heavy fancy images or HTML styles.
  • Aloha HTML editor makes the templates to be easily customized
  • Edit your templates visually, insert photos, links, posts and pages to your email template
  • Insert posts/pages
  • Powerful shortcodes to make the templates flexible than ever
  • Create a list of users, send different campaigns to different lists
  • Clean codes and clear Documentation
  • Help bubbles inside the admin panel itself

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10. Newsletter: Fast Email Sender 12.00

Newsletter: Fast Email Sender

Fast Email Sender – Multipurpose script that can help you to organize send messages from your site. Easy to manage, easy to install and requires minimal requirements of hosting.

Script written in PHP language, it’s includes many useful functions and features such as creating a mailing list sorted by categories, the visual editor of simple emails, sending emails with an attachment, the ability to use the script as autoresponder, import/export database of addresses and many more.

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11. MailRock XML Newsletter (mailing list system) 14.00

MailRock XML Newsletter (mailing list system)

MailRock XML is mass mailing newsletter system with responsive user-friendly UI written in PHP with XML store. Ultra light weight mailing list system working really fast. MailRock working without any additional DB sources such as MySQL.

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12. Newsletter System 15.00

Newsletter System

Easy to use newsletter system written in PHP . Heaps of features which allow you to quickly send professional newsletters to your member database.

Design a template, send emails, people can subscribe through your website, double opt in option, track who opens the emails, setup automatic email campaigns, import members via csv, users can unsubscribe themselves.

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13. GoodNews! – newsletter and autoresponder manager (Newsletters) 16.00

GoodNews! - newsletter and autoresponder manager (Newsletters)

Get leads, convert them into paying customers, and do more business with them than ever, by communicating with them regularly through newsletter broadcasts and fully-automated autoresponder campaigns.


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14. Groups2Mailchimp – Groups Mailchimp Integration (Newsletters) 10.00

Groups2Mailchimp - Groups Mailchimp Integration (Newsletters)

Groups Mailchimp Integration. Synchronizes itthinx’s Groups plugin with MailChimp. Select MailChimp list and a group and automatically new groups and users are added to this mailchimp group.


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15 Advanced Social Widget Aweber Edition (WordPress) 10.00

Advanced Social Widget Aweber Edition (WordPress)


Advanced Social Widget Aweber Edition adds an advanced widget box to your WordPress theme sidebar giving users the ability to link your site to all the popular Social Networking sites such as Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube and access to FeedBurner & Aweber Email Subscription.

Advanced Social Widget Aweber Edition is an all-in-one social networking widget plugin that allows your visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed, subscribe to your Aweber mailing list, Follow you on Twitter, visit your Facebook Page and easily share your site, categories & posts to the major social networking sites.
You can define what social network sites you want to show and what icons to display. Define whether to display the social networking site name under each of the icons. Visitors can Follow you on Twitter, subscribe to your FeedBurner RSS Feed and view you FeedBurner RSS Feed. Visitors can subscribe to your Aweber newsletters through an easy to use AJAX powered interface.

You can also define the width of the widget making it suitable for most available WordPress themes without having to get in change any code. The widget is also responsive and will respond to different screen resolutions and devices.
The Widget has been developed to he highest quality standards and tested in all major modern browsers.

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16. tinyCampaign (Miscellaneous) 11.00

tinyCampaign (Miscellaneous)

tinyCampaign is a simple and lightweight newsletter system built on Twitter Bootstrap and the tinyPHP framework. You can send out simple and beautiful HTML emails with ease. You must use an SMTP account in order to send out emails. This is to help reduce spam as well as to better identify spammers abusing the system.

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17. Easy WordPress Mailchimp Integration Pro (Newsletters) 9.00

Easy WordPress Mailchimp Integration Pro (Newsletters)

Easy WordPress Mailchimp Integration Pro is a WordPress plugin that adds to the WordPress default registration form a multi select list of your Mailchimp lists. This makes easy for your visitors to subscribe to as many lists as they want at the same time they register on your site.

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18. newsMailer – WordPress Newsletter System Plugin (Newsletters) 16.00

newsMailer - WordPress Newsletter System Plugin (Newsletters)

This WordPress Newsletter System Plugin has been well integrated into the WordPress platform itself and uses the flexibility, power and simplicity of WordPress to ensure that you have a pleasurable experience as you create your templates, manage subscribers and send out newsletters to a large amount of users.
A WordPress Newsletter System Plugin which will, without a doubt, blow your mind away with its feature set and additionally integrates flawlessly with the new WordPress interface!
With a vast range of powerful, usable, reliable and unique features, this newsletter system is an incomparable power tool available for you to exploit and use to its fullest potential in order to increase your market value today.

The WordPress Newsletter System Plugin is robust “newsletter system” for WordPress which allows you to gather unlimited email subscribers, organized into multiple mailing lists.
There are so many features built into the plugin which makes  ”email marketing“  a breeze. A wide range of different configuration settings make the plugin flexible and with its integration into your WordPress website you can easily upload media, style your newsletters and send them out just the way you want them to be.
When the time comes to sending out newsletters and email promotions, you can easily access your email subscribers and send out your unlimited emails to the mailing lists of your choice.
History emails and email tracking statistics show you how many of which emails you have sent out and how many of those were read. Email notifications to the administrator keep you up to date on all events like when someone unsubscribes.

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19. MyMail – Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress (Newsletters) 25.00

MyMail - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress (Newsletters)

A  super simple Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress to create, send and track your Newsletter Campaigns

Full Feature List

  • Track Opens, Clicks, Unsubscriptions and Bounces
  • Track Countries and Cities
  • Schedule your Campaigns
  • Auto responders
  • Use dynamic and custom Tags (placeholders)
  • Webversion for each Newsletter
  • embed Newsletter with Shortcodes
  • Forward via email
  • Share with Social Media services
  • Unlimited subscription forms
  • Sidebar Widgets
  • Single or Double-Opt-in support
  • WYSIWYG Editor with code view
  • Unlimited Color Variations
  • Background Image support
  • Quick Preview
  • Email test with IsNotSpam.com support
  • Revisions support (native)
  • Multi language Support (English and German included)
  • SMTP support
  • Gmail support
  • DomainKeys Identified Mail Support
  • Import and Export for Subscribers
  • Retina support


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20. nyLON Subscription form – WP Plugin (Newsletters) 14.00

nyLON Subscription form - WP Plugin (Newsletters)

Easy Newsletter subscription form builder that allow subscribe to download type lead generation that also manages subscribers list. Which can be downloaded as CSV.

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21. Doo WP MailChimp Modal (Forms) 8.00

Doo WP MailChimp Modal (Forms)

This is the wordpress version of my PHP script – DooMail Chimp Modal Subscribe form. Use this plugin to place a shortcode in your post, page or text widget. The shortcode will display a button, when clicked will activate the Mail Chimp Modal signup form for your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter list.


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22. Newslette – Intuitive WordPress Email Management (Newsletters) 13.00

Newslette - Intuitive WordPress Email Management (Newsletters)

Newslette is an easy-to-use and simply intuitive WordPress plugin, that allows you to set up your very own Newsletter Subscription list. With an inbuilt HTML editor, you can very simply create, save, and send your very own email, right from your WordPress Dashboard.
Newslette is very light-weight and easily customisable. Newslette also gives you the flexibilty to be able to search for, and selectively email, users who have either;

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