5+ Crowd Funding Website Templates

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1. Fundify – Crowdfunding WordPress Theme (Miscellaneous) 60.00

Fundify - Crowdfunding WordPress Theme (Miscellaneous)

Crowdfunding With WordPress

Fundify is the first WordPress theme that lets you create your own crowdfunding website. If you have wanted a site like KickStarter or Indiegogo for your own projects, now you can have one using Fundify, the crowdfunding theme for WordPress.

Raise Money For Things You Care About

Raising money has never been easier. Tell people what you are doing and inspire them to contribute to your campaign. Offer creative rewards and perks for your backers. You can publish your own campaigns or build a community where people can submit campaigns to your site. Submitted campaigns will be “pending” until approved by the site administrator.

How It Works


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2. Fundingpress – The Crowdfunding WordPress Theme (Miscellaneous) 55.00

Fundingpress - The Crowdfunding WordPress Theme (Miscellaneous)

Fundingpress is a WordPress theme that allows you to create your own crowdfunding site. Users will be able to create projects that are brought to life through the direct support of others. A lot of thought and care went into the creation of this theme, that’s why we are proud to say that Fundingpress not only is very easy to use, but is also packed with details so that you can easily monitor the progress of your projects.
Check out the amazing features that this theme provides below, and start creating your own crowdfunding site today!

Why not test the demo as an user?
You can either register or login with this account:
Username: User
Password: 1234

How does the handling of payments work?


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3. CrowdPress – A Crowd-funding WordPress Theme (Miscellaneous) 45.00

CrowdPress - A Crowd-funding WordPress Theme (Miscellaneous)

NOTE: This theme requires two plugins to run properly. Both of them are free:

RECOMMENDED: The Paypal Adaptive Payments plugin for EDD is highly recommended and designed to work extremely well with CrowdPress. It allows payments to be held until campaign completion, and a percentage of campaign sales to be split between the site owner and the campaign owner: Grab the Paypal Adaptive Payments plugin while you’re at it!



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4. Kickstars – Crowdfunding PSD Template (Miscellaneous) 10.00

Kickstars - Crowdfunding PSD Template (Miscellaneous)

What is Kickstars?
Kickstars is a PSD template for a website which allows online sales of small stock to a huge pool of investors. This is very popular kind of business and we can see how the market grows day by day.

This release consisted with 11 PSD files. All layers are organized properly, so it takes you a moment to find necessary layer and edit it.

We would like to thank you for your purchase and hope that you will enjoy using of our product. Cheers!

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