Benefits Of Unified Comms For Customer Service

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Having unified communication is ideal for many businesses. If you are unsure about getting a UC solution then you need to consider the benefits of these systems for your customer service.

Having Remote Agents

If the staff in your call center have the option of working from home you might be faced with some unique challenges. One of the challenges is building trust and collaboration between the agents at home and the ones onsite. However, when you incorporate unified communication things start to look better.

Unified communication uses presence information which helps staff by telling them what the status is of each caller. This allows the call center staff working from home to see when the staff on site are on a call or away from the phone and vice versa. This brings a better sense of teamwork and trust as everyone knows what is happening.

It is not only the staff who benefit from UC programs as managers are able to better manage the remote workers. Most UC systems offer extensive reporting which can be used to measure productivity, performance and other data.

Call Resolution Rate Improvement

The rate of first call resolution can increase when you have a UC system. This is due to the fact that agents are able to find the best-skilled people to help with calls regardless of where they are. This limits the amount of times callers are put on hold and the number of transfers made.

The agent who receives the call can simply put the caller through to the person best suited to answer their call and fix the issue at once. First call resolution rates are important because they can affect your customer satisfaction rates and retention.

Real-Time On Call Training

Agent training is also something that UC systems can help with suggests provider Alternative Networks. Unified communication systems allow more than one person to be on a call at the same time. This means that when expert staff deal with a call, their less well-trained colleagues can listen to the call and undergo real-time training.

This type of training is important if you have remote staff in your call center. The remote staff member will be able to receive training by listening to the call instead of having to go onsite. The ability to have more than one agent on a call also allows staff members to consult more experienced staff to increase the resolution rate of their calls without too much trouble.

Better Audio Quality

Traditional telephones are known to sometimes have poor audio quality. A UC system offers better audio quality which is good for customer relations as it makes the call sound more professional.

Research conducted by Jabra has shown that 82% of consumers appreciate the feeling of a private call when talking to call center staff. With older telephone systems both agents and callers might require information be repeated which often causes aggravation for the caller. This can lead to a loss of customer retention and rapport between business and customer.

Increase audio quality has a major impact on customer satisfaction. The customers will not have to repeat information, but they also feel that they are having a private conversation with the agent. This increase in customer satisfaction can lead to an increase in sales for a company.

Multichannel Communication

UC systems allow businesses to deal with each of their communication channels in the same way by applying the same business logic and processes. By doing this you can increase the dependability of your customer service. When your customers contact you via their preferred method of communication they know their requests will be dealt with efficiently and effectively. It is also possible to combine the multiple channels to better manage your customer service.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

The overall maintenance costs a business faces can decrease by 20% once a unified communications system in deployed. This reduction in costs will not negatively impact the running of a call center and has been known to increase the overall efficiency of the center.

When contact channels are combined, a company can deliver a better and more consistent customer experience while reducing costs. The business will also be able to leverage the existing technology. This means that there would be no need to replace any of the current technology in use.

Business Continuity

By using a UC system a company can allow its employees to work from home, in the same way they would work onsite. This is integral to business continuity as even in the most severe weather the business is able to continue functioning. This means that the customer service offered is not interrupted and employee absenteeism is often lower.

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