Top Best 5 Apple Watch Alternatives

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It was a momentous occasion when Apple launched its most anticipating product Apple Watch. Most of us were very happy with this news and I am sure you were one of those who also wanted to purchase it but as usual Apple product are not affordable for everyone. Today I am sharing the top 5 Best Apple Watch Alternatives. Yes, you read it correct. There are ample smart watches already available in the market that you can try.

apple watch alternatives

In the smartwatch market Apple is not the lone player. Tag Heuer’s partnership with Intel and Google to launch a smartwatch has changed the game. This smartwatch launched and with trusted brands like Google, Tag Heuer and Intel, rest assured it will be one of the best. Anyways if you cannot afford this smartwatch or Apple Watch is too costly for you then have a look on top 5 best Apple Watch alternatives.

#1 Moto 360

Motorola always shocks the market with their new innovative designs. The fresh examples you can clearly seen on their Moto series smartphones. Motorola introduced curvy design smartphones which are totally different from other flat simple smartphones. The design was very much appreciated by users and as well as critics. Now in smartwatch world company also introduced something new.

Moto 360 smartwatch quickly grabs lots of attention and the reason is same again, its unique design. Where other smartwatches comes in square shapes, Moto 360 has a traditional round shape which makes this smartwatch different from other competitors. The price of this smartwatch is $250. Moto 360 has a subtle and stylish design. It supports voice commands and the other interesting feature is you can customize your Moto 360 through the Moto Make website.

#2 Asus Zenwatch

Asus Zenwatch is my second recommendation in this list. This was revealed on IFA 2014. In case you don’t know Asus is a Taiwanese company which is famous for making computer peripherals and Zenwatch is the first smartwatch from that side of company. It is available at the price of $199.

The best part about this watch is its design is more similar to Apple Watch. If you can’t afford Apple Watch then you can consider Asus Zenwatch. It helps you to give you complete feel just like the Apple Watch. It has features like calories expenditure monitoring, heart rate and it comes at a handsome price.

#3 LG Watch Urbane

LG also jumped into the smartwatch market. This smartwatch was inaugurated at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. The price of this LG Watch Urbane was not revealed by the company initially but it is expected the price will be less than Apple Watch.

As far as the design, it looks like the LG is inspired by Moto 360. That’s why they also introduced a smartwatch with a round dial. The LG Watch Urbane has a metal design that is dust and waterproof. It will also come in a 4G standalone version.

#4 Pebble Time

With more than $18 million funding initially, Pebble Time set a new record in the smartwatch segment. The company started shipping the product available at the price of $199.

Pebble Time has a whooping 7 days of battery life. It is compatible with both Android & iOS devices.

#5 Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch is the first smartwatch from the Chinese smartphone maker Huawei which was launched at Mobile World Congress.

You can customize Huawei Watch from dial to strap. Its sensors are integrated with multiple build in activity. It sells for a great price of $129.99.

Hope you like top 5 best Apple Watch alternatives. You can use below comment box if you have any other suggestions for those that are looking for affordability in a smartphone watch without sacrificing quality.

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