Getting A Career As A Developer

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Have you been considering a career in the coding profession? You’re in luck! Right now there are countless numbers of businesses who need skilled programmers and have plenty of positions to fill.

Estimates performed by industry experts have calculated over 1 million tech jobs in existence by the year 2020.

If you’re hoping to make it in the industry, here are a few tips to follow from those same industry experts:

1. Generic Emails Are A Big No-No

Managers see dozens of e-mails. The more similar they are, the more forgettable they become. An e-mail that gives them something to remember gives you a chance at getting hired. Try finding someone on Twitter or Linkedin for some advice. Talk to a developer, not a recruiter, if you want the real information.

2. Make Certain To Write Your “GitHub CV”

Our blog can give you a lot more information on this topic. It’s important to write a GitHub CV of your own.

3. Learn Your Code

This should be obvious, but far too many people think they know more than they do. Make certain you have some quality experience with quality code.

4. Show Your Languages

The more languages you know the better you’ll look. Make multiple projects in new languages.

5. Offer Open Source Contributions

Companies want to hire people with a passion for their work. What better way to show that passion than an open source project? Of course, be careful with this tip. You’re a professional, you should charge a professional price. Offering things too cheaply simply makes you look cheap. According to Capita ITPS this sort of career needs to be a way of life.

6. Build With The API From The Company

Really, build any kind of content related to company tech. It will show that you already have a grasp of the company tools and will require less training.

7. Don’t Leave Your GitHub Dirty

Have as many projects as possible. Don’t just put the projects, add the readme files as well. The more explanation you give, the more thorough you look.

8. Do Well On The Tech Test

Don’t speed it. Take your time. The code takes time to compile, so you may as well plan for it.

Solid code that takes a week to write is better than garbage code finished in three days.

9. Don’t Be A Jerk

Show passion, but also show professionalism. The company may need you, but it’s easier to work with someone who’s nice.

10. Ask Plenty Of Questions

The more questions you ask, the more interested you seem. Have at least one question, since it shows you’ve done some research into the company.

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