5 Tips For Getting More Out Of Instagram

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Instagram has turned into an extremely powerful social media site and an increasing number of brands are utilizing it for their businesses. It’s definitely worthwhile getting involved with.
So, if you want to get more out of Instagram, then these tips are here to help you do just that

1) How To Send Photos To Select Groups

If you’ve got some pictures to share that you’d rather not toss into your public feed, you can use Direct to share them with just a few other users. You can use this feature to share pics with groups of up to 15 users, and they’ll be allowed to comment on them as with public pics. Images shared using direct don’t show up in Instagram searches and you can delete them at any time.

Just pick “Direct” when you’re on the “Share To” page. You’ll find it at the top, right next to the “Followers” option. Pick out recipients to send your new pics to by tapping the circle next to each name in the list. (You can also type in user names directly.) Once you’ve picked your audience, hit “Send.” You can review messages using the tray icon in the upper right corner of your home page.

2) How To Ignore A User’s Messages

Some people are just more excited about social media than others. If you’ve got an Instagram buddy who clogs up your feed with endless meal snapshots or other pics you don’t really want to look at, you’ll be highly tempted to block that shutterbug. Instagram gives you a lower-stakes choice if you’d rather not sever all your ties to an individual. Ignoring a user will clear out that user’s Direct posts.

Start by going to the tray in your home page’s upper right corner. Tap the button with three dots on it. (It’ll be horizontal on an Apple phone and vertical on an Android phone.) Then just select “Ignore all posts from this user.”

3) Remove Or Hide Photos You’re Tagged In

Every time somebody tags you in a picture, that photo will be listed in your profile page’s “Photos of You” section. If some of those pics show you in a less than flattering light, you can purge them to keep others from seeing them.

Hide tagged photos by tapping them to bring up your Instagram handle. Tap your handle and select “Hide From My Profile” in the menu that appears. There’s a more extreme option – “Remove Me From Photo” – that you can find listed under “More Options.”

If you’d rather not keep policing “Photos of You” all the time, you can turn on the “Add Manually” option in the settings menu. This will submit tagged photos for your approval instead of throwing them on your profile automatically.

4) Applying Filters To Photos Without Posting Them

Instagram gives you access to a lot of awesome photo filters. What if you’ve used one of them on a picture you just took and you don’t want to put it into your public feed? No problem! Use airplane mode on your phone to hang onto private filtered photos.

Set your phone to airplane mode before you start the uploading process. When you hit the “Share” button on the Share page, you’ll get a “Failed” notice because the app can’t communicate. Go ahead and press delete to take the picture off Instagram. It will still be saved – filters and all – to your phone’s camera or gallery. If you’ve already taken your photo, don’t worry. Minimizing Instagram, turning on airplane mode, and then sharing will work fine.

5) Work the Algorithm

Like most social media sites, Instagram utilizes an algorithm and the more interaction that you have on a post, the more people are likely to see it.
Utilizing services such as Vibbi to ensure you can work the algorithm can really help get your images out there in front of people and get some great followers for your brand.

6)Turn Off Geotagging

A geotag is a piece of metadata that records your phone’s location whenever you take a picture. Geotags enable Instagram to build your “Photo Map,” showing where all your pics were taken. You can remove photos from your map using the “Edit” button in the top right corner of the Photo Map screen.

Be aware that removing a photo from your map will permanently erase the image’s geotag. If you’d rather not use geotag data for any of your photos, you can remove locations while you’re reviewing pictures.

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