Selecting Small Business Web Design Companies in 2017

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Small Business Web Design Companies and the customized Design, Marketing & Optimization packages they offer is an attraction for Startups and at times for Multinationals too. All these small companies have their own strengths. While a Graphic Design Company with constituting of Creatives may be exceptional in Logo Design and Branding, a web design company with good graphic designers team may be good at Photoshop based Website Layouts which is the base of a new Website.

While MAKING a website is a one time thing, except for occasional maintenance schedules, marketing your business is a long term goal. To have the pages indexed and searchable in the search engines you will want to have the basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) done. Generally companies with Search Engine Optimization as their core expertise are able to do minor changes i.e small maintenance work provided the task is not creatively challenging. For creative change to your business website it is advisable to go back to the original designers and or developers.

Small business web design companies with MARKETING skills come in picture once we have the website 100% working and basic SEO done. Marketing and SEO are two things that and Continuous and long term goals for your business.

If I were starting a business Website, I would get related tasks accomplished in following order.

  1. Logo Designer, get branding materials too done by them.
  2. Followed by A Web Design Company specializing in graphics to do the website layouts, wire-frames or initial mockups.
  3. And then I will go to a SEO company for CONTINUOUS work that can initially optimize your website for important keywords in Search Engines. let it be a TEST for them to help you rank for at-least a few important keywords. Kindly note that ranking your business or your registered domain name as keyword or your registered company is not a big deal and should not be paid for.
  4. Marketing your website is an IDEA extensive thing and needs most of all resources, time and money. So I will search for the best marketers for my website or business. Not to say it is a continuous process. An appropriately chosen marketing company can have multiple marketing expertise like –
    • Facebook Marketing,
    • Pay Per Click Marketing (Google, Bing etc),
    • Email Marketing,
    • SMS Marketing,
    • Call Center Lead Generation,
    • online and Offline Media Advertising,
    • Paid or Free Directory Listing (you do not need to list your website in all business directories but a few free and paid directories have good conversions in most of the industries. A good marketing company knows which 3 or 4 they need to get listed in ).

However, if I wanted to save some time & had to go to one Web Design company I would probably go to Denver Web Design as I have found them to be more or less good in all the facets of small online business website mentioned above.

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