How Local SEO benefits your Traditional Business?

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SEO for Local Business – A Range of Opportunities

Today, Search Engine Marketing (SEO) is an important tool in the arsenal of Local Business. It has opened a wide range of opportunities for the shy Guy who sighs  away from traditional hard core marketing tasks. It can be so good that some novice newcomers have had the courage  to start and run a successful Business just because they new they could get some initial leads online to get started.

This tremendous revolution has come because of fast pace changes in technology sector and our ways of life. This generation uses Google Maps to find directions, roads and restaurants while traveling, we are searching for hotels, hospitals,  tours package, best saloon, tutors, caterers, schools, colleges and everything else online.

When traditional businesses work in hands with SEO Professionals (Specialty: local SEO) there are far reaching effects. Its high time traditional businesses  allocated a budget to local SEO and hire a dedicated SEO professional.

 Word of Caution: Hire a Dedicated SEO Professional with whom you have a contract that they will not work with your nearby competitor to avoid doing and undoing each other’s reputation and SEO efforts leading to wastage of your valuable time and money.

Baiscally the SEO tasks are no rocket science and simply a little thought, information on current trends, keeping tab of reviews, answering queries where people are discussing your brand and investing time to do regular tasks like listing in local directory etc. An essential quality of a good SEO professional is originality, imagination and market sector idea just like offline marketing.

If you are following in footsteps it will be worth chasing their online activity to learn from their sucess and mistakes.

Things that SEO Professional when working on Local SEO focus on are as under.

Please note that local seo can be simple or complicated based on your location and situation i.e  whether your competitors are effective online or it is you who is paving the path or others to come.


  • Get your business hours, phone number, and directions on Google Search and Maps — with Google My Business.
  • Make a Google+ Local Page where you post regularly updates, events videos etc.
  • Make sure your website has pages with heading tags containing “your service location and service category”. For Example: “Cab Service Nevada”
  • Remember to mention Name of your business, contact details and address on your website.
  • Get listed in Authority Directories, Classifieds that people post and search listings. It may be Craiglists, Yelp etc or Helpline service that has online presence in your area. Ex.
  • Ask People to post genuine reviews on your google listing and else where.
  • Add a Blog to Your Website where “SEO Guys” can take some time to put posts relevant to your local business.
  • Take some time to build the social profile /pages on facebook, twitter etc. Post regularly interesting content.
  • Have influential people in your area leave testimonials on your website. Mention their location briefly in the testimonial.
  • Contact local newspapers that are online, ask them to put up an article on your local business or advertisement.
  • Last thing that comes to my mind – get yourself listed at verticals. For Example: If I have a Hotel Business or tourist planner I will list my business at MakeMyTrip and the likes to have sufficient orders. Amazon does magic about retailing and so does Ebay, if I make retail items I will list my products there. If I am in Engineering Design I will list at to get machining job leads.It makes a lot of sense. The reason why I mention this at last is that this step actually helps  a Local Business Go Global and is not necessarily a part of local SEO.

We have to understand that the idea of online marketing and seo in the long run is to replace the traditional Sales Man and put people to better use. The SEO Professionals who take up these Jobs are used to Analyzing data and taking the best steps relevant to Local or Global Business.


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