PHP Contact Form and Form Builder Scripts List

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1. Simple PHP Contact Form

Simple PHP Contact Form allows easy placement of a self-contained contact form on any PHP page or website. This contact form can be embedded in any page including .html and send message without reloading the page. This script is developed by Jigowatt.

It comes with simple features such as, integration into existing style sheet of a website, all fields have a validation script, anti-spam filter, integrated thank you/success page, integrated error messages, uses standard server features for a no-hassle installation, customizable email message, email subject.

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2. AJAX Contact Form

AJAX Contact Form allows placing a self-contained contact form on any HTML or PHP page website. It utilizes 1 file to validate process and send the complete contact form to administrator email address without reloading the page. It can be modified using PHP language with CGI includes. Everything functions within one PHP file, 1 JavaScript files and 1 CSS stylesheet.

The main features of AJAX jQuery website component consists of fully valid XHTML 1.0 transitional, AJAX backend to save bandwidth, uses JavaScript jQuery slide for amazing UI, can be integrated into existing website style sheet, all fields have a validation script, anti-spam filter, integrated animated sliding thank you/success page, integrated AJAX sliding error messages, and uses standard PHP server features for no-hassle installation.

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3. Quform – Powerful AJAX Contact Form

Quform from ThemeCatcher is a simple and powerful AJAX contact form that can be easily embedded into any web page. It does everything without reloading the page which makes positive impression to visitors. Quform can be adapt to a register form , quote form or any other form field with optional saving form data to a database. It can be setup easily the form to to the form user.

Quform has features supported that comes with powerful code framework, file uploads supported, fully customizable, 4 layouts, captcha verification to prevent spam, valid HTML5, works in all major browsers, multi-language UTF-8 ready, unit tested PHP code, form validation and filtering, create custom autoresponders, jQuery effects, works with or without JavaScript, reCaptcha supported, and scrolls to error messages that are out of view.

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4. AJAX Contact Form – Extended

AJAX Contact Form – Extended allows to easily placing a self-contained contact form on any HTML or PHP page on existing website. This form utilizes 1 file to validate process and send the complete contact form to admin email address and direct message notification to admin twitter account without reloading the page.

The features of this contact form comes with instantly notifies the admin via Twitter direct message API and via Email, uses JavaScript jQuery slide for an amazing UI, improved anti-spam verification, replace included verification images, only 1 main option to configure to make script function, integrated animated sliding thank you/success page, integrated AJAX JavaScript sliding error notification, uses standard PHP server features for no-hassle installation and phone number input digit validation.

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5. Mapped Contact Form Pro

Mapped Contact Form Pro is an AJAX contact form inside a Google maps marker info window by autobahn81. This form works for one multiple locations with different email address for every location can be configured. The info window with the contact form opens when the location is on the map.

It has features supported like PHP class+AJAX backend in PHP, fancy jQuery offline validation, easy to use and modification of the form, 60 custom markers included with 12 building type in 5 colors each, Google maps API V3 (no API key needed), Geocoder to get the values of locations included in the help file, simple PHP form builder included, and great documentation.

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6. Contact Form Generator

Contact Form Generator is a powerful form builder that allows creating elegant and beautiful contact form instantly by TopStudio.  Every element in this form can be modified.  It’s great looking form that will match your website perfectly and easy to install.

This form has key features included like all HTML standard fields are included, every element are fully customizable, file attachment system, insert images in contact form, drag and drop form building interface, notifications and auto-responder, custom thank-you page and error messages, anti-spam protection, contact form archive system and compatible with Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.

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7. Mega Contact

Mega Contact by hunzonian is a multipurpose and flexible AJAX contact form builder created from the ground up. It allows quickly build an AJAX contact form and integrate it into website. jQuery and PHP are written in an object oriented style that allows for extensibility and code reuse in an effective way. This form does not use any third party plugin. There is a single jQuery file written as plugin and a single PHP class files to handle all backend task.

Mega Contract functionality are: compact light weight, easy submit bar for long forms, auto scroll to error,  works without JavaScript, supports MySQL database insert, email to admin, supports SMTP authentically email, jQuery animations, character count for  text area elements, floating bubble response for errors, jQuery tooltip to display mouse hover messages to user, multi-select transfer list, jQuery date picker support for date selection, built-in honey-pot, built-in form token to help prevent cross site request forgery, default light and dark theme.

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8. Awesome Contact Form

Awesome Contact Form is easy and straight forward to set up and integrated into website with two simple codes of lines by 1jh. It can be easily added custom fields through customized form template and the configuration file.  The scripts provide flexibility integrating the form into website without worries about breaking the code. It takes advantage of PHP’s object-oriented features that can be built-on to provide additional functionality.

It comes with lots of optional features such as comprehensive user guide, can automatically send a thank you email to sender with configurable subject and body, add and remove fields easily, field validation to check correct fields, custom error message can be set for each field, captcha and human verification question included, and can either redirect user success page or show a success message.

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9. ProjectPlanner Contact Form Wizard

ProjectPlanner Contact Form Wizard is easy to build contact form with step by step to help admin collect information needed from website visitors. Visitors are guided through this contact form and asked a variety of questions over multiple steps. Login administrators can view and manage completed submissions. It comes with packed DatabaseWizard script to make setup quick and easy.

The ProjectPlanner features includes lightning fast setup, client and server side form validation, user login and invite system, email confirmation sent to user and administrator, custom auto responder message, admin area to manage submissions and preferences, and fully responsive design form.

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10. Ajax Form Pro Lite – No MySQL Required

AJAX Form Pro Lite is a professional multi-usage website contact form to improve the functionality of websites by providing an interactive user experience for website visitors.  This form help visiting user to reach you, send feedback, opinion to website, fill survey, or make a room reservation online.

It has support features like: create unlimited AJAX forms in the same page/multiple pages, real-time validator, powerful captcha for anti-spam verification image, re-captcha for stop spam, auto responder, merge fields on the same row, clone form, send mail with attachments, fully customizable, turns into a simple PHP contact form when JavaScript is disabled, tableless, lightbox integration powered by FancyBox, modal form with sliding transition, easily send mail to multiple recipients/webmasters, HTML code separated from the PHP code, and 100% source code available.

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11. Visual Form Builder

Visual Form Builder enables to create a beautiful HTML forms in a seconds. Each form has integrated client side and server validation that is compatible with all browsers even IE6. This form requires the PHP zip extension.

The features consists of beautiful and simple interface, two built-in themes, all major fields type including HTML5 fields, client+server side validation, powerful and simple validation options, preview mode, two download options, and complete post processing control.

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12. AJAX/PHP Contact System + Login

This form is an AJAX/PHP powered contact system that means no refreshing for users using this application. It’s very simple, easy to edit and it has everything that administration needed. When visiting users submit messages it will directly notified all the information submitted into database for viewing at a later time.

This contact system is a fully featured and includes the features such as, contact system with form validation and captcha, login system with password retrieval, awesome and simplistic backend system, and administrator can manage everything from posts to creating user.

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13. Contact Form with Custom Auto Responder

Contact Form with Custom Auto Responder is easy and fully functional advanced contact form with validations and custom auto responder message system which is easy to set without PHP knowledge. This form is easy to edit and add to PHP and HTML pages.

The features of this form includes phone field added, dropdown subject selection with different emails, auto responder, custom auto responder message, custom captcha filter, no separate page needed for thank you message, message will be displayed on the same block, JavaScript degradation, no database required for installation, and help file included for setting auto responder message.

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14.  Dynamic Contact Form

Dynamic Contact Form allows easily creating forms from the administration area. It can be added text, description, select radiobuttons and checkboxes in the form. It is very useful for admin who wants personalize contact form and utilize it for making all kinds of forms.

It supported by lots of unique features like easy to configure, no database required, attractive design, create multiple forms, send email via SMTP, custom subject for each form, secure captcha, IE6+ compatible, simple email design, and clean coding.

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15. Ajax Contact form – 3 in 1 Autoresponder reCaptcha

AJAX Contact Form with 3 in 1 Autoresponder reCaptcha is a Cadillac of contact forms powered with AJAX jQuery. It has 3 stylish themes, very easy to customize through a single configuration file.

It comes with great features like customizable auto responder, reCaptcha support, SMTP support, jQuery powered AJAX + animations, no programming knowledge required which control everything from one simple configuration file, all fields can have their validation turned on or off, works in all major browser, and tons of customizable options.

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16. SimpleContact Pro – Contact Form and Mailing List

SimpleContact Pro is a custom contact form and mailing list option to any website without the knowledge in programming. It’s very easy to install and integrate and is made by alexhardy an experienced web designer with focus on features that really matter.

The features of SimpleContact Pro comes with user friendly browser interface that helps build custom fields in any order, form input validation, mailing list option input, personalized autoresponder, CSV data export, campaign monitor API support, worldwide language input, built with web standard and friendly support.

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17. Form Creator

Form Creator allows to create a form in just minutes with completely AJAX focused if JavaScript is disabled. It has strong>HTML5 and CSS3 valid form to website by copying the provided code. It can be integrated human verification system and create a form for HTML or PHP files.

It supported features like jQuery/AJAX based HTML5/CSS3 form, no coding necessary; create select radio, input and text area fields, individual email address for each form, thank you message for each form, HTML or PHP forms, human verification system, PHP mail for delivering message and language file based.

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18. Contact Form with Auto-Responder/SMS Notifications

This form is a different kind of contact form that let website administrators to modify the auto-responder message through admin panel and received the SMS notifications straight to admin mobile phones. No need to pay extra cash for the SMS notification service. It’s completely free service that utilizes the EMAIL2SMS gateway.

This form includes features such as admin panel, improved design, captcha to prevent spam, form validation to prevent blank messages; script loaded with 60 mobile operators, easy integration to website, and auto-responder and SMS notification can be enabled or disabled through admin panel.

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19. PHP Contact Form to Email and CRM

PHP Contact Form to Email and CRM is essentially a form to email with multiple emails (cc). It is a form to CRM which supports sugar CRM logging and secure CRM API interaction. It can be disable/enable CRM logging anytime using one file configuration.

It comes with good features like simple validation, local PHP based, sugar CRM friendly, clean code, ability to enable/disable Captcha check, and auto responder.

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drawForm is a contact form solution with special canvas component and this make drawForm completely different from other contact form solutions. This form has very simple design with less options and configurations. drawForm can be used to other PHP project with customizations and improvement can be done easily.

This form has unique concept that aimed to developers used it or extend it for own use. The canvas and text field can be enable/or disable. It works as canvas only form, text message only form or both canvas and message box can be enabled. It has well commented PHP/JS code for educational or modification purposes.

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21. Safe Register and Login with Admin Panel

It’s one of the amazing register & login script with beautiful template and safest scripts ever. This form is easy to integrate without knowledge in coding PHP or MYSQL. Just paste a few lines of codes, open the file, and then there’s a great installation guide. Open the file, fill in a few fields, and the database creates fields. Once the users start register, admin can easily manage or delete users.

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22. FormPresto

FormPresto is a Php/Xml/jQuery script that helps in generating great looking HTML form instantly with just two (2) lines of code. It supported full UTF8 for accented chars, even in the plain/text email transmitted data.

It has lots of good features such as, mobile ready that displayed perfectly on all devices, Multilanguage, multiple form instances in one page, manage titles/subtitles/description of the form, add as many fields needed, manage all fields, customizable email message for administrator, customizable thank you/success with a confirmation message, supported geocoded Google maps, zoomable galleries/polls/survey, and many more.

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23. AJAX Form Pro – Create Unlimited Secure Forms

Ajax Form Pro is a professional multi-usage web form to enhance the functionality of website. This form provide an interactive user experience to website visitors that need to reach admin, send feedback, share opinion, fill a survey or make reservation online. It allows generating as many forms in the same page/multiple pages.

The features of Ajax Form Pro includes RealTime validator, powerful captcha for anti-spam verification image, auto responder, send mail with attachments, fully (CSS & HTML), turns into a simple PHP contact form if JavaScript is disabled, tableless, lightbox integration, modal form with sliding transition, redirect to thank you page after successful submission, send mails using either mail() function or SMTP, easily send email to multiple recipients/webmasters, HTML code separated from the PHP code, 100% secure code available, and documentation.

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24. Neonik AJAX Contact Form

Neonik Ajax Contact Form allows to easily place an Ajax enabled contact form in existing website. It only uses 1 file to validate process and send the contact form to admin email address and by using AJAX, does not reload the page.

The features comes with AJAX backend, very easy to integrate into any existing page on website, the form style can be change easily, free captcha image for anti-spam security, and only 1 main option to configure.

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25.Contact Form + Contact Management System

Contact Form Manager is a simple form that comes with easy web based installer. This form is useful for managing contact form submission made on website. It also comes with autoresponder setting to enable/disable the responder system.

It supported features like easy installation process, add/delete email submissions, add/edit/delete subject fields, send email without logging into any other email for checking submissions, enable or disable the autoresponder option, change admin password option, easy to change CSS styles for different gallery styles, attach file with autoresponder, add unlimited subject fields in the contact form, works fine with the php 4.x and 5.x version.

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26. Form Builder

Form builder allows creating rich and robust forms easily. This form can be create from scratch using the detailed documentation based or base them on the pre-built examples provided. The forms are created using simple arrays which define all aspects of both the form and fields. It allows creating generic forms with just a few lines of code.

Features comes with original text captcha, enhanced validation with optional AJAX validation, works with all browser including IE6, easy to skin and style forms to drop into website, define exactly what happens when the form is submitted using the intuitive form API, can be used for any purpose (contact forms, comment submissions, sign up and login), and two versions of Form Builder (PHP 4 and PHP 5).

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27. Shout Box

Shout Box is a simple standalone application that’s easily to integrate. It runs on HTML templates and can change the look and feel on how it works. It will reload every 10 seconds through AJAX. Shout Box can easily be configured for multiple shout boxes on multiple pages and each functions accepts an identifier to specify different shout boxes if needed.

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28. FeedBack

FeedBack is easy to use and customizable feedback forms for website visitors to allow comments, suggestions and bug reports. It comes with a special widget which can easily be inserted on every page of the website. The widget is written in JavaScript but works without JavaScript too. The FeedBack forms are written in PHP and send to admin upon form completion.

The features of FeedBack includes visual updates to the widgets and to the forms, includes the referring URL in the feedback email, user agent and IP address included in all feedback submissions, XHTML 1.0 valid for all the form pages, and scrolls back to top on validation errors.

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29. Ajax PHP Contact Form with CSV Exporter & Filters

Ajax Contact Form with light-weight contract manager. It is easy to use, customized and installed. Contact request can be sent to multiple addresses and stored in the database as well.

It supported lots of good features such as, feedback management, search & filters, one page settings manager, easily export contact requests to CSV file, form to emails and database, anti-spam protection, AJAX JS sliding error messages, integrated animated sliding thank you/success page, auto responder and custom template, uses MYSQL to maintain contact request in database, comprehensive search option in the admin, and many more.

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30. qForms

qForms is a elegant and powerful forms management tool. This form can be used to create surveys, questionnaires, contact forms, registration forms, and other possibilities. Each response can be viewed online and qForms produce a detail report, equipped with charts and more. This form was created to be a fully-functional and alternative to Google form and similar software/services.

The main features of qForms comes with multiple question types (text, multiple choice, checkboxes), HTML5 and AJAX, ability to add multiple sections or headings within forms, create and edit form easily, drag and drop to reorder fields, allow to highlight interesting responses to read later, and admin can read individual responses easily.

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31. Suggest Box

Suggest Box is a form that allows website visitors to easily suggest anything regarding the visited website. It is a full tool that includes CSS, JavaScript and PHP scripts to cover the task of handling suggestions. This is so much more than typical contact form.

It has lots of custom features that includes 12 skins, support many languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Polish), anti-spam protection, built on CSS3, PHP construction based on templates, supports writing suggestions to logfile or sending via email, supports various positions of call to action button, wide configuration options, and easy to implement on website.

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32. reForm – The Ajax Contact + Form

Contact form with Ajax that can be integrated easily to any website and can be configured in just a minute without modifying any line in the actual source code. It allows enable/disable any feature like IP inclusion, auto-responder and lot more in configuration files. The reForm could be done via available plugin files, extend reform without changing core files.

The features of reForm includes IP address of user submitting form, auto-responder, ban IP, block words and/or phrases, filter form input before being sent or stored, only take valid data input, use SMTP protocol for sending email, send email as plain text or HTML, reForm reCaptcha, spreadsheet and database-handling sample codes, display more than just simple success-message, multiple form can be displayed on the same page, file uploads, form independence, extendable, any theme, and error handling customization.

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33. Unlimited Form Builder & Manager

Unlimited Form Builder & Manager is a do-it-all tool for creating, managing and implementing any number of forms to website. It supports unlimited number of form fields including file uploads and HTML emails. All configured within the feature packed administration program using jQuery, UI & Ajax features. It previews the entered form information before submission. Form output including preview & completed pages are template based and 100% customizable using a WYSIWYG editor.

It comes with lots of supported features such as, it works with PHP 4.3+ or PHP 5.x, create unlimited forms, create unlimited outgoing HTML formatted emails, unlimited file upload field with files attached to emails, drag & drop sort order of form fields, form output from templates, support all form field types, input validation and required fields, and quick integration of created forms using IFrame code generator.

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