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    If your server is running in safe mode? because of this it is unable to set the time limit to 0 in download.php.

    A slight tweak in the download.php can perhaps fix any issues in secure download links script.

    if( !ini_get(‘safe_mode’) ){

    should REPLACE


    If your server is running in safe mode
    (which is done usually to get the best possible secuirty), allow_url_fopen is disabled for maximum security by safe mode.

    To keep the best possible security it is advised to use the last example as shown in example.php Download Area (Relative Path to files) i.e placing the files on the same server and having relative urls to them.

    Although you need to place the files below the www or public folder for maximum safety. And in this case allow_url_fopen is not needed.

    If want it to simply work and are okay with allow file downloads from external urls.

    You could simply put a php.ini file in the secodwn folder in which you enable allow_url_fopen. You can download the sample php.ini file at . Unzip and upload the php.ini folder in the secdown folder.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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