The Keys To A Successful Mobile Billboard Campaign

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As the summer months approach, you need to start getting your mobile campaign into full gear. As people will be out on the streets, this is the best time to start targeting your market. While you can always place a sign and hope that it works, there are more effective strategies that you should consider.

There are also a number of tricks that you can use to enhance the way that your message is received. You need to ensure that you know what is going on and how people are interacting with your signs. There are some tips that you should look at which will help you optimized your mobile sign campaigns.

Always Have A Goal In Mind

There are different goals that you need to have in mind and one of them should be branding. This is when you want people to see your logo and message to increase their awareness of your business. You will not be worried about the final result and the key for this goal is exposure. The primary objective will be to get your message to as many people as possible.

A call to action is another goal where you want to create a certain reaction to your advert. Your call could be something direct such as stating that people need to call today or go to a website. One of the primary benefits of a call to action in your advert is that you will see the results immediately. When using a call to action, you need to ensure that the proper tools and design have been implemented to maximize the efficiency of the message and that you are not shooting in the dark. One of the advantages of more modern signage such as digital OOH screens is that they allow people to gather far greater amounts of data.

Use Phone Tracking

Analytic data is important and it has come a long way over the years to provide more detailed and accurate information. It is now possible to see what is happening with your campaigns instantly and clearly. Phone tracking is very important if you have a phone call to action campaign, but you should also track the landing pages of your website to determine what has happened.

With phone tracking, you will be able to see where each call will be coming from. If you have 3 different signs for your campaign, you should have 3 different tracking numbers to allow you to track each board’s efficiency. Phone tracking allows you to determine which locations work best, which message you should use and your phone conversions rates. You will also be able to have all the calls recorded to check quality control which is important for all businesses.

When looking at your phone statistics, there are certain key points that you should be focusing on. The first is whether or not any calls were missed. You will see a decrease in your close rates when you have to call a customer back instead of taking the call immediately.

You should also look at what time the calls generally come in. This will help you determine when you need more people on the sales lines. You will also be able to free up staff at certain times if you can determine when peak call times will be.

It is also important that you determine which signs are your top performers. You will be able to use this information to test different signs and locations. When you pinpoint what is working for your campaign, you should stick with it and adjust your other campaigns to suit.

Know Your Statistics

There are some key statistics that you need to know about when it comes to marketing campaigns. While each campaign is different, you need to know what you should be keeping your eye on. The exact statistics that you need to focus on will vary depending on your goals, but certain ones need to be considered at all times.

The cost per lead is important as you need to know how much money you are going to be spending on each lead your business gets. If you are working with phone calls, you have to determine the cost of each call to you.

You also need to look at the lead to sale close ration. This will tell you how many leads you have to generate before you are able to make a sale. You should also consider what the sales averages you are expecting and whether this is realistic.

The return on investment is the last statistic that you have to keep your eye on. If you are not determining your ROI, you are not going to be managing your marketing campaign effectively.

Having The Right Colors

Having clear fonts, the proper colors and the correctly sized message on your billboard, screen or roller banners can make a lot of difference to your campaign. The colors that you use can affect the way that people view your message on a conscious and sub-conscious level. The Psychology of Colors is something that you need to learn about and implement in your marketing. If you want to elicit a certain response from people, you need to use the colors that match this.

Have An Immediate Follow up

Having your campaign rolling is only the first step in marketing. If you start to see lead coming through, you need to ensure that you respond to them immediately. There are certain steps that you have to take to ensure that this always happens.

The first is to ensure that calls never go to voice mail. If you are unable to support the number of calls coming in, you need to use your phone statistics to determine peak times and increase staff levels. If a customer does have to leave a voice mail, you need to call them back immediately. There are several voice mail systems that you can use which will email the messages to you and you can get a head start on the calls.

Online leads and submission forms are also vital to the success of your campaign. You need to maximize your response to these to increase the sales from your website. Responding to the form submissions quickly will maximize your customer experience.

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