Paymo Worksnaps Integration

What is Paymo?

paymo-logoPaymo is Time tracking and  & Billing Software Online for Freelancers, Businesses,  IT Professionals, Web Developers, Software Developers and Designers. It is Project Management, Invoicing Reporting and Estimation Software with Desktop and Mobile Apps to track time,  It is FREE for use for up to one user. Take me to Paymo >

What is the Worksnaps?

logo_worksnaps_smallWorksnaps heps you track time with proof, lets you see See Work in Real Time and work on the idea “An Hour Paid is An Hour Worked“. It is based on the famous Odesk Screenshot taking and Activity measuring Application the Odesk Team. It FREE for use for single user and 1 Project. Take me to Worksnaps >

Our Paymo and Worksnaps Integration connects both these Great Applications and you can manage Projects and Invoices with Paymo, Take Screenshots and Time Entries with Worksnaps using their Desktop Application.

The Script helps you transfer  your paymo projects and tasks to worksnaps and the time entries are transferred from Worksnaps to Paymo for invoicing.

Paymo Worksnaps Integratation

We integrated the Project Management System and the screenshot taking application so that invoicing and project management can be done from Paymo and Screenshots can be taken from Worksnaps Desktop Application. The time entries will be transferred from to Paymo to facilitating Project management and Invoicing from Paymo. You will essentially create all your projects and tasks in paymo and they will be transferred by this script to Worksnaps. Also User assignments will be transferred from Paymo to Worksnaps.

This Project is available at GitHub For Free Download


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