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MLeads Client Manager is a PHP based lead management system for law firms. This script was written for a financial law firm. Closing Board can help organize Law Firms with single or multiple offices. Number of leads converted per day can be monitored for each sales representative.

All sales representative can view their performance v/s other sales representatives. Benchmarks can be set. Multiple admins can maintain the offices. Graphical reports for different date ranges, offices and sales reps can be seen. With one click payments, orders, client profile and history of each client can be viewed. Advance search facilities can help a law firm get organized in minutes.

Basic Features

There is Ability to add new users and take users off, Ability to populate a list of out standing balances for every client separated by sales rep, automatically set designated “Benchmark” days at specific days ahead from the opening date of the file and run a “Benchmark” query to populate a list of clients each day that have reached a specific “Benchmark”.

Every user must log in to website as an admin or sales rep to see any information. System is private to all non designated people
and Within each client information section the sales reps and admins see there is ability to leave comments that are time stamped with users full name.

Client Information

Client information section where client can input names, address, phone numbers, payment information, retained for (loan modification, bankruptcy 7 or 13 and foreclosure defense), Date file was open, date payments were made along with the amount paid and how much the clients balance is, total retainer amount, lead source, sales representative.

Specific ID number is attached to each new entry, starting at 1 and going up for each specific retained for service, i.e. loan modification, bankruptcy 7 or 13 and foreclosure defense. There is ability to pull data on how many of each has been retained. Color specific dots next to each clients name on the calendar. Red if the client has not fulfilled the full retainer payment and green if the retainer is paid in full.

Calender Representation

On the calendar each client name has a specific designation next to their name. LM for loan modification, FD for foreclosure defense or BK7 for bankruptcy 7 or BK13 for bankruptcy 13. This auto populates from what is filled out in the client information section. Client information is populated into the calendar on whatever date the clients file was created along with the option to click on their name on the calendar and see clients information. Client information data is locked to all sales reps. View only.

Reporting and Graphs

Data populates into a real time graph and numbers by office and sales rep at the bottom of the calendar. You will be able to see how much each sales rep has taken in in fees and what lead sources they have been successful at. Need to be able to see real time data graphs between specific dates for the entire office or just a particular sale rep. Separate log ins and restrictions for sales reps and admins.

Admin Access

An administrator has a search function that will pull up a clients profile page and have edit options for all fields. Admins have access to every function and search capability on the closing board.

Sales Rep Access

Sales reps are able to click a tab that says “Create New Client” and import in all the data to start the client information section. They can only create new files, not edit existing ones.

Sales reps will see the entire offices closing board, along with everyone’s production numbers at the bottom of the calendar so they can keep the competitive edge. On the calendar, each sales rep will only have access to their specific files though. They will not be able to click on anyone else’s clients on the calendar to see their client information.

Check Out Financial Law Lead Management System Demo:

View a demo here.

Admin Login

username: admin1
password: admin1

Sales Rep Login

username: salesrep1
password: salesrep1

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