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Five of the Best WordPress Plugins Every SEO Needs to Know About

Blog, WordPress Themes - July 22, 2017 admin 0 comments

When you’re building a website using WordPress, whether you’re a newbie or an experienced hand, you need to be paying attention to SEO (search engine optimisation). Search engines are one of the biggest drivers of traffic to websites, with billions of people using them everyREAD MORE

Opencart Best SEO & Utility Plugins, Extensions

Blog, PHP Scripts, Applications, Uncategorized - May 29, 2014 admin 2 comments

1 OpenCart SEO Link De-duplicator (OpenCart) 8.00 New Plugins, Opencart Items The biggest problem OpenCart sites face is the duplicate/thin pages penalties caused by its default link scheme. By default, every page on the site can be accessed by a multitude of links. OpenCart SEOREAD MORE


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