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Quickly throwing light on  this buzz about UX Designing. UX Design refers to the term User Experience Design which is different from User Interface (UI) Design in the sense that it is more analytical and technical field in comparison to UI Design which refers to graphic design in the basic sense.

Podcasts are great because they are an opportunity to make most of your time spent in daily chores by listening to Podcasts and Interesting interviews from speakers you care about  as if you were listening to radio. UX Design Interviews at UX Blog are exceptional  learning experience and can help you to succeed at user experience.

You will love to hear some of the interviews with top UX Designers in the world while you work on your latest Projects.

About Nicholas Tenhue

Nicholas is the former President and founder of EIT Digital Alumni foundation and former Advisory Board Member of NACUE. He is also the recipient of the UCLe startup pitch 1st prize judged by Airbnb Co-founder and CTO, Nathan Blecharczyk and STING Stockholm Innovation & Growth startup award. He is a member of Interaction Design Foundation and UXPA, two of the worlds leading user experience organizations. He has also volunteered at a number of events including ACM CHI, the top conference for Human-Computer Interaction, and Web Summit, a technology conference with over 50,000 attendees.

Interviews with UX Designers at UX Blog

Nicholas Tenhue publishes interviews with professionals about their experience as a UX Designer.

Every week he airs an episode or interview with a seasoned UX designer full of  tips, experiences and details on working style  that can enrich you as a designer. Nicholas Tenhue, with his vast experience in the UX Design Industry and proven track record of meeting business goals through implementing UX and product strategies at Fortune 500 companies and startups across the globe

The conversation is light, full of insights, friendly and worth listening to. Episodes are generally 20 to 40 minutes in length.

Listing below notable podcast interviews at Nicholas’s UX Blog

  1. An interview with Donna Spencer, technical editor for Smashing Magazine who also writes regularly for online magazines. Take me to Dona Spencer’s Interview
  2. An interview with Pek Pongpaet, a UX Designer in Bay Area whose client list is quite impressive and includes Google, HP, Discovery, Groupon, Twilio, Legalzoom to name a few. Take me to Pek Pongpaet‘s Interview
  3. An interview with Gyles Morrison, who has applied his experience as a Medical Doctor in creating UX Designs for the healthcare industry. Take me to Gyles Morrison‘s Interview
  4. An interview with Rizwan, who has designed persuasive designs for PayPal, Allstate, Holland America, and Riverbed. Take me to Rizwan‘s Interview
  5. An interview with Jon Bowman, founder of Cap Gun Media and Co-Founder of Oxygen for Autism. Take me to Jon Bowman‘s Interview
  6. An interview with Bahni Mahariasha, who moved from being an Engineering student in Indonesia to User Experience Designer & Freelancer. Take me to Bahni Mahariasha‘s Interview

You can listen to  The UX Blog Podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music, or Stitcher.

 Articles on UX Design by Nicholas Tenhue

Articles on varied UX Desin subjects like User Experience, Customer Experience, Engagement, Organizational strategy, Usability, Journey maps, Design decisions, Tenhue and selected writers at The UX Design Blog are amazingly knowledgeable and least to say are breathtaking.

Most of his writing is aimed to take a designer to the same plane his  audiences are. This immensely helps the designer narrow down on the primary and secondary segments of the audiences. Visualizing your design keeping this in mind woks the magic for most of the big brands, and it can work for you too.

For UX Designers

Are you a UX Designer and  would like to share your experience on a specific style or topic in the weekly podcast? 

If you are new to UX Design and would like Nicholas to air your interview at his blog, it is advised that you discuss UX Design in your part of the world, in your city or country.

If you are an expert UX Designer and have tips, ideas and experiences to share please contact Nicholas with a topic on which you would like the “Podcast Interview” to be.

Listen to previous episodes in order to get an idea of what the flow of the show is and subscribe to The UX Blog Podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music, or Stitcher. The UX Design Blog offers freshest user experience design, research, and strategy content on the web.

Why Give a Podcast Interview?

There are 250 thousand active podcasts which is relatively small number in comparison to number of active blogs. Podcasts are just getting started, they let you build stronger relationships with listeners, have higher conversion rates, take less of your precious time.   It is a great way to build relationships with influences in your industry and so they can notice you and your work, you can land up getting that dream job, project or contract. The kind of reputation and authority that is associated with a good podcast interview is harder to build in a blog post and obviously much more time taking. Above all, getting interviewed on podcasts can get you atleat hundreds, or even thousands of listeners – for every single podcast that you appear on.

The UX Design Blog Giveaway

You can be a winner at the August book giveaway for UX For Lean Startups by Laura Kleina future podcast guest on The UX Blog.

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